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What is Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign, which is one of the most advanced orthodontics treatments, is wireless orthodontics treatment applied with special transparent plates (aligners) to correct your teeth. The reason why wireless orthodontics treatment is preferred is because while overlapping of teeth is corrected, it is not apparent that you got orthodontics treatment.

How do teeth move without dental braces?

Invisalign plates are produced as per positions requested for the teeth to move. Each plate creates a movement of 0.05 mm.

How are transparent plates produced as per teeth movement?

Your dentist will take measurements of your mouth and these measures will be transferred to computer environment with CAD-CAM system with 3 dimensional scanning method. Teeth that are transferred to virtual environment can be moved with computer simulation. Transparent plates are created as per each movement of 0.05 mm.

Will I see the outcome before my Invisalign treatment?

Yes. After your treatment plan is formed in virtual environment you will be able to see the outcome in three dimensions.

Can everyone have invisalign application?

It is an orthodontic treatment applied both to adults and to youngsters and children. But it is deter-mined after the examination of dentist whether you are suitable for Invisalign treatment or not. Medi-um and slight level of overlapping of teeth can be treated with invisalign. Ab orthodontic treatment required to be applied by pulling the teeth out, can not be realized with invisalign. But works are carried out in this direction as well. As technology advances, treatment will be realized with invisalign in applications where teeth are pulled out.

At what age can my child get invisalign treatment?

It is required for your child’s milk teeth to fall down and at least 2nd big molar teeth to appear. This will occur around age of 13-14

What is the biggest advantage of Invisalign treatment?

Most important feature of Invisalign is that it does not influence your daily life negatively First of all Invisalign is not seen in your mouth and you can smile during treatment period. You can take your plates out easily when you eat or drink something or brushing your teeth. You can eat whichever food you wish. As treatment is applied without metal and as soft plates are used, your teeth and gingiva won’t be disturbed. Invisalign, can be easily applied both to youngsters and to adults

Will I have pain during Invisalign treatment?

In order for teeth to move a power should be applied. When you place transparent plates for the first time you will feel a pressure.Your teeth will adapt to this pressure after a short while.

How often will I have my controls durin my Invisalign treatments?

Your controls will take place once in a month. At each control 2 pieces of new transparent plates will be given to you. Transparent plates are changed once in 15 days.For example if 20 plates are produced for your treatment, your treatment will take place in 10 months.

For how long must I keep the transparent plates?

You should have transparent plates on for 20 hours a day. You should only take them out when you are eating. You can also take them out for only 1-2 hours to attend an important meeting etc.

Do I have to take my transparent plates out when I drink something?

You can drink cool drinks or drinks at normal heat but it is recommended for you to take them out as you drink hot drinks like tea. As Invisalign plates are thermoplastic they can deformed when contacted with heat.

Will people realize invisalign plates in my mouth?

As per the feedback we got from our patients, as long as they don’t say it, people don’t recognize the plates.

Will invisalign treatment influence my speaking ?

After an adaptation period of 1-2 days, you won’t have any problems. If you need to talk at a meeting for a long time you can take your invisalign plates out for 1-2 hours.

How will I take care of my Invisalign plates?

You can clean your invisalign plates with water and toothbrush each morning and evening. I am smoking.

Will my transparent plates get yellow?

If you are smoking a lot after a certain time when compared with a nonsmoking person there will be more yellowish coloring on your transparent plates. But as we will change your invisalign plates once in 15 days it will be limited .

Will treatment with dental brace or invisalign (wireless orthondotics treatment) take shorter time?

Treatment period depends on the case. But as computer technology is used in invisalign treatment no power is applied on places where movement is not desired. As it is used on slight or medium cases of overlapping invisalign treatment period is shorter than normal orthodontics treatment. As we observed with our patients we can state that those getting invisalign treatment meaning wireless orthodontics treatment have no worries about when treatment will be completed.

Is Invisalign treatment expensive?

It is a more expensive method than normal dental brace treatment as it is invisible. From treatment prices section you can look at the prices of invisalign.

Can I start with my invisalign treatment immediately?

Sending your measures abroad, establishing your treatment plan online, production of invisalign plates and clearing them from customs can take 1-1,5 months. Even it it may look like a disadvantage your treatment outcome is specified at the begin-ning of treatment.

Is it needed to make preparation before Invisalign treatment?

Yes. Before invisalign treatment all decayed teeth should be cleaned, tartars should be cleaned and oral care should be realized. Your dentist may request for your wisdom teeth to be pulled out before invisalign treatment. After measures are taken no processes are applied in the mouth. Protetic processes like bridge-works and implant are applied after invisalign treatment.

Is Bisphenol-A used in the production of plastic material for Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign aligners don’t contain Bisphenol-A or phyhalates that are used in baby bottles and pet bottles and which are prohibited in Canada, USA and European Union as they cause health problems. For this reason you can have Invisalign treatment securely in all stages of life including pregnancy and lactation.

Is any process applied after my Invisalign treatment is completed?

After your Invisalign treatment is completed (applicable toall orthodontics treatments) a very thin fixing wire named retainer is applied to the interior part of your teeth. This thin wire is absolutely unseen from outside. It is placed so that there won’t be any movement or turning back on your teeth. Your orthodontist will tell you about its duration.

Frequently asked questions about Invisalign Treatment Can it be started immediately with Invisalign treatment?

Can it be started immediately with Invisalign treatment?

At least 1 year before starting with your Invisalign treatment, treatment of your decayed teeth should be done not to create problems. In certain cases it may be required to pull your wisdom teeth out as well .

When will my Invisalign plates (aligners) come?

Your Invisalign plates reach to your clinic 1,5 months after 3 dimensional scan of your mouth is taken or measurements are taken.

Does it enable for invisalign plates to come to Turkey earlier when measurement of your teeth is taken with 3 dimensional scanning method instead of classic measurement technique ?

Measurements taken by digital scanning or with 3 dimensional scanning are sent on the same day from online system to USA. Processes like making the treatment plan, production of aligners and their clearance from customs can prolong the time period. If it is taken with digital scanning it takes nearly 1 month for your plates to come.

Will I also have simulation of Invisalign treatment?

Yes. 2 e-mails will be sent to you. On one of them there will be a link address and on the other there will be a code. If you click the address and enter the code sent to you, you can follow up the treatment plan that is 3 dimensional from your mobile phone everywhere.

If there is too much intake of coffee, tea or cigarettes will invisalign plates get dirty and yellowish?

While coffee and tea intake causes coloring on invisalign plates, smoking cigarettes causes plates to get yellowish. But as plates will be changed once in 15 days treatment will be continued with clean plates.

What other drinks or food cause coloring on plates?

Curry sauce, mustard, red wine, black cherry juice, tobacco products, coffee, tea cause coloring on invisalign plates.

In order to clean aligners, you can brush them under running warm water. Besides with corega tablets (prosthesis cleaning tablets) you can take care of your aligners .

For how long should I have Invisalign plates on during the day?

You must have your Invisalign plates on for nearly 20-22 hours. You only take them out when you eat and have them on at other times. You can only take them out for an additional 2-3 hours if there is a wedding or similar event.

Can I only have Invisalign plates on during the night time?

You must have your Invisalign plates on for nearly 20-22 hours a day. In order for your teeth to move power should be had as continuously. Thus only having them on at night time may avoid the treatment to be finalized in the desired way.

Can I have my Invisalign aligners on when I swim or do sports?

Yes you can have them on.In  Invisalign treatment without giving up from your daily activities you can continue with your orthodontics treatment.

Will Invisalign plates influence my speaking?

In majority of our patients there is no such complaint. But the tongues of some of the patients can get stuck at joint sections of plates at gingiva region or teeth. This should be removed in 1 week at the latest .

Is Invisalign treatment transparent plate treatment?

Yes invisalign is a transparent plate treatment. Invisalign is a brand. It is a global company realizing orthodontics treatment with transparent plates.

Is Invisalign a reliable treatment?

With Invisalign till 4,000,000 people are treated in the world. This number keeps increasing .You can investigate from  address of .

Can every dentist apply Invisalign treatment?

Dentists should first get a certificate to realize Invisalign treatment. Invisalign treatment should absolutely be done by an orthodontist. You can find the list of orthodontists realizing Invisalign treatment in Turkey from the address of

Will the attachments ( small parts having the color of teeth being pasted on teeth during invisalign treatment) remain till the end of treatment ?

Yes generally these attachments remain on your teeth till the end of the treatment. The place of some attachments can change during the treatment. After treatment is completed all these attachments are cleaned from the surface of teeth .

During Invisalign treatment are other extra appliances placed in the mouth besides attachments?

Under normal conditions during invisalign treatment nothing else is used in our patients other than attachments . But in certain severe cases some rubbers are used that are placed in the nigh time and then taken out. Besides in severe cases mini screw systems can also be applied during invisalign treatment. All the processes will be explained to you by your orthodontist in detail during your first examination .

There are some writings on Invisalign plates. What do they mean?

On one side of Invisalign plates there is your code number and invisalign logo. On the other side the letter “U” is written for upper chine and letter “L” is written for lower chin” and next to them your aligner number, meaning your plate number is written. For example if its is upper plate with number 25 it is written as U25 and if it is lower plate with number 15 it is written as L15.

I lost my aligner which I used actively.What must I do ?

If the aligner which you actively used has number 15 and if you lost it, it will be sufficient for you to use our passive aligner with number 14 until you go to the orthodontist . You have to have your passive plates on for nearly 20 hours a day.