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What is zirconium (zirconia) tooth?

It is a white alloy used instead of gray metal as infrastructure of classic porcelain bridgework and prothesis.

Where are zirconia teeth used?

They are used in high level of coloring where no results could be achieved with methods like whitening for aesthetic purposes, in the treatment of hereditary structure coloring, in treatment of teeth that are separated or a little overlapping such as diastema where orthodontic treatment is not preferred, in the restoration of teeth, the color and structure of which are disturbed, having old filling and loss of substances in the extreme, as bridge-work or veneer at the back teeth, at the prothesis on implant at front teeth, and in designing smiling aesthetics.

What are the advantages of zirconia teeth aesthetically?

With their light transmitting feature, look of natural teeth is completely reflected. Healthy tooth enamel transmits light completely. Metals being the infrastructure of classic porcelain veneers create an opaque look on teeth. This causes teeth to look artificial and lifeless. With zirconium this is avoided.

How do zirconia teeth harmonize with my gingiva?

It is harmonious with the tissue. The purple coloring that is seen with prostheses with metal support is not observed. It does not cause gingival recession. If gingival recession occurs due to wrong brushing, an aesthetically bad appearance won’t be seen.

Can it be applied to those having allergy to metal?

As there is no metal in zirconium veneers, they don’t cause metal allergy.

Does it cause a change of taste or odor in my mouth?

As it does not contain metals, it does not cause any change in taste and it does not cause any odors.

Do zirconia teeth cause change in color later on?

It does not cause plate formation due to its smooth porcelain surfaceç For this reason, it is not influenced from coloring substances like coffee, tea and cigarette. Its color remains as fixed.

How are zirconium crowns taken care of?

Teeth are brushed just like brushing normal teeth. Superfloss is used in regions with no teeth. When dentist is visited once in 6 months, problems can be foreseen and measures can be taken.

For how long can I use zirconium crowns?

They can be used for long years if periodic controls are made. A net timing can not be specified. Teeth are live tissues and in time shape changes could occur due to abrasions. No changes will occur with zirconium crowns. It may be needed to renew them to fit to the mouth, the form of which has changed.

When it is required for them to be taken out, would it cause any damages on my teeth?

Since zirconium crowns are taken out by being cut, you won’t be disturbed. They don’t cause any loss of tissue in teeth.

How are zirconium crowns applied ?

Like the case with crowns having metal support, tooth is made a little smaller and as the gingiva looks healthy, a sensitive measure is taken with special measurement substances and spoons fitting to the mouth. In laboratory environment, zirconia infrastructure and porcelain upper structure are processes and in clinic environment they are applied to the tooth. Then by using special adhesives, they are permanently adapted to the tooth.Then, you can use them as they look similar to your natural teeth.

 During the process, how much loss of substance occurs in my teeth? Loss of substance is more than porcelain lamina.

It is same with porcelain veneers with metal support. A shaving of 1-2 mm is done at the normal surface of tooth.

Do I feel any pain during processes?

Cutting operations are realized under local anesthesia and then by applying a temporary veneer on tooth color, disturbance with cold or warm cases is avoided. Only some of the patients have a little pain but generally the process is completed without problems.

During the treatment, will I have aesthetical problems?

Temporary crowns that will be applied to your front teeth will be similar in shape to your zirconium crowns. These crowns being made of acrylic are not durable against power but they will satisfy you with their color harmony and shape.

 How long does it take for the treatment regarding this cosmetic densitry application, to be finalized?

It will be completed in 1 week with patients not having problems with their gingiva. A few more trials could be made as per the patient’s liking, until both patient and dentist are pleased.

 Is there an age interval for this cosmetic dentistry application?

As long as there are permanent teeth, treatment can be made in all ages. But frequent renewals are required for patients of age between 18-20 due to growth of chin. Therefore, it is not recommended.

How much durable it is when compared with porcelain and metal?

With the recent methods that are applied, crown and bridgeworks with zirconium infrastructure are as durable as crown and bridgework with metal infrastructure.It is as durable as bridge-works. They are less fragile than porcelain. When compared with metal, flexibility is less but they are more fragile. This situation causes porcelain to adapt better when compared with zirconia and metal. As a result porcelain fractures are minimized.

 Is it seen often that zirconia veneers fall down or have fractures?

Fractures and cracks could be seen with excess power but the probability is the same with fractures occurring on healthy teeth. In clinic environment they can be mostly repaired. It can fall down if teeth with crown get decayed and there is loss of substance. In such a case, if it is possible teeth are treated and veneer is pasted again.

Do zirconia crowns have any disadvantages?

Long teethless intervals at the back part are not recommended as probability of fractures will increase. Can zirconia teeth be applied on patients with gingiva disease? First of all gingiva disease is treated. After the treatment of gingiva disease i zirconia teeth are applied.

Can zirconia teeth be applied on patients with gingiva disease?

First of all gingiva disease is treated. After tge treatment of gingiva disease i zirconia teeth are applied.