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What are the symptoms of bruxism?

You have bruxism if you clench your teeth at your sleep or there are some people who warn you about this matter. This disorder comes with the manifestations as head, jaw-face, ears aches, tinnitus, jaw clicking, and restriction of opening mouth, aches or shift of the jaw. It is a disorder which continues for years without giving any clinic indication and it is a disorder which sometimes becomes acute. The dentists can easily notice that contraction of the teeth length based on abrasion of teeth’s cutting edge and that some thin cracks occur into the teeth’s surface when they treat the patients having this disorder. Besides, the patients have more hot and cold sensivity base on the tissue of ivory become thinner. It is popular to encounter the problems as breaking the ivories and restorations executed before too.

Treatment of Bruxism

The goal of the treatment is to prevent the permanent damage which can be occurred in temporomandibular joint, teeth and to annihilate the pain.

”Night Protector’’, is the most important tool used for bruxism disorder by dentists, is used by putting between the upper and lower teeth with the aim of preventing the contact of teeth to each other during the sleep. But unfortunately ”Night Protector” is not enough while using alone.

Some additional treatment has to be followed with the ”Night Protector”:

  • Stress Therapy
  • The Precautions make easier the patient sleep
  • Application of neuromuscular blocking agent
  • Renew the fillings and crowns which are made incorrect
  • Application of denture in order to removed missing teeth to their place
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