What is Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry)?

It is a department that aims to protect the milk and permanent teeth of children between the ages of 0-13 in a healthy way and to function, as well as to eliminate the problems caused by caries, physical trauma, hereditary and congenital factors.

Pedodontics is a comprehensive branch of dentistry that includes all treatments in dentistry and performs them in accordance with children and young people.

Pedodontist (Pediatric Dentist is a dentist who continued his education in the Department of Pedodontics after he graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry.

What do pedodontists do?

Pedodontists can apply all treatments and preventive applications in dentistry in a special way to the child patient:

  • Oral and Dental Care and Nutrition Recommendations
  • Child Prosthetics
  • Tooth extraction
  • Protective and Preventive Practices Against Tooth Decay; Fluorid Gel, Fluorid Varnish, Fissure Sealer
  • Treatment of Dental Traumas
  • Endodontic Treatments (Root Canal Treatments, Amputations)
  • Treatments to Stop Bad Mouth Habits (Finger Sucking, Nail Eating, Lip Biting, etc.)
  • Restorative Treatments (Fillings) in Milk and Young Permanent Teeth
  • Place Holders

Approaches with the most appropriate examination and treatment techniques for children. In this way, children do not fear a dentist.

Determines the caries risk group and makes protective-preventive applications (such as fissure sealant, local fluoride application).

It monitors jaw development and teething during growth and development, and possible tooth crowding is prevented with protective orthodontic treatments.

In cases where permanent teeth are missing, it improves the aesthetic appearance and chewing by making dentures.

Makes dental treatment of children who need special care.

Why should I consult a pedodontist for my child's oral health?

Unlike adulthood, childhood period has features such as rapid metabolism and rapid growth and development. Similarly, the structure of deciduous teeth and newly erupting young permanent teeth is quite different from that of an adult tooth. For this reason, pedodontists are dentists with the most comprehensive knowledge of children's oral health.

When should my child's first dental examination be done?

It is recommended to have the first dental examination after the eruption of the first tooth (6 months-1 age). With early dental examination, correct oral hygiene training is given, nutrition regulation is made, and information is given about what should be considered to prevent caries. In this way, tooth decays are prevented while still in infancy. With regular dental checks at the interval determined by your pedodontist, the foundations of decay-free and healthy teeth are laid in the long term.

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